About The Alliance: For Public Good


As an independent IRS 501(c)(3) dedicated to higher education, The Alliance is uniquely poised to spearhead collaborations that address issues affecting students, educational institutions, and society in general.

The face of advocacy and philanthropy has undergone changes since mid-century; this decade presents the specter of a sea change and a massive paradigm shift.  The Alliance operates on the belief that collaboration, healthy partnerships, the leveraging of resources, and the synergy created by overlapping communities, programs, and missions are the basis for effective advocacy.

Campus leaders, corporate partners, students, elected officials, and community partners alike share a commitment to private, not-for-profit higher education and its place in the continuum of K-12, post-secondary education, employment and citizenship. All parties understand that the health, hope and future of the state and region’s economic, intellectual and cultural resources depend upon that continuum.

The Alliance sees the development and nurturing of networks, formal and informal collaborations, and identifying points of “mission intersection and overlap” between corporate, foundation and community partners, and the member institutions has being the hallmark feature of any collaboration.

The goal of these collaborations is to explore systemic issues with stakeholders who shape internal and external policy, norms, and infrastructure. The Alliance’s deep connections to academics, leaders, and experts – both within Oregon and beyond – enable it to leverage funding and human and social capital to address broad and complex issues.


Alliance Cross-Registration Program

The Alliance Cross-Registration program permits students enrolled full-time at any Alliance college or university to take a maximum of one undergraduate course per term at another Alliance campus. No additional tuition will be charged for the cross-registered course by either institution, with the exception of possible overload or special course fees. Students may not cross-register for a course that is offered on their own campus unless scheduling conflicts prevent taking the course. Registration is permitted on a space-available basis.

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