Oregon’s private, nonprofit colleges and universities have evolved beyond the old demographic stereotypes. Students attending Alliance institutions are diverse in their profiles yet consistent in their above-average performance. Importantly, Alliance students depend on state, federal, corporate, foundation, and individual philanthropy to attain their educational goals and The Alliance helps facilitate this support.

Over 30% of Alliance undergraduates receive Federal Pell grants (Oregon’s public universities proportion of Pell grant recipients is similar).  Ninety-two percent of students enrolling full time for a Bachelor’s degree receive financial aid. Appropriately, Oregon students attending private, nonprofit colleges and universities, who meet the same needs test as community college and public four-year university students, are eligible to receive the Oregon Opportunity Grant.

Financial aid significantly impacts low-income students’ ability to attend.  For students with household incomes below $30,000 per year, the average net price is nearly half the full price.  Because of this kind of support, Alliance institution graduates, on average, incur only slightly greater loan debt than students at Oregon’s public universities.  Student loan default rates at our institutions are the lowest in the state.

Considered in light of Oregon’s education attainment goals and changing demographics, meeting students’ financial needs, long a priority, has assumed new urgency.  The proportion of low-income households in Oregon is growing.  Clearly, increasing numbers of Oregon students enrolling in college by the year 2025 will be low-income students.  And we are committed to the notion that by succeeding in educating low-income students we can reduce poverty rates in the future.

The private sector and The Alliance itself work hard to ensure higher education remains accessible to students from all walks of life.  For more information about how you can support continued accessibility, or to access one of the many available scholarships and giving programs, please visit the Giving page.

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