Maria Sandoval

The Matched College Savings Program helped Maria focus on her studies, enabling her to secure a rewarding job after graduating from Linfield College.

Merrit Quarum, M.D.

“I was attracted to the quality of education at Reed College. After talking to friends at small colleges, I realized that I would get a far better education with more direct interaction with faculty.”

Kristin Stathis

“I believe my liberal arts education at Willamette University helped me discover my strengths.”

Matt McKenzie

“George Fox University taught me how to think critically.”

Gale Castillo

“Linfield’s caring school environment just felt right.”

Rich Burk

Pacific University’s classes and culture helped shape Rich into the person he is today.

Andee Hess

Andee used her experience at Marylhurst to start her own successful interior design business.

Luis Garcia

Concordia University taught Garcia how to be a leader, think reasonably, be disciplined, and, most importantly, to be passionate and compassionate.

Jared Mace

“By the time I graduated Warner Pacific I had every tool under my tool belt needed to start my own business.”

Maggie Reilly

“At Lewis & Clark I built relationships and skills that continue to have a positive impact on my daily life.”

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