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Oregon’s 2021 regular legislative session began on January 11 and ended on June 26.

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2021 Legislative Session Information

2020 Third Special Session (December)

2020 Second Special Session (August

2020 First Special Session (June)
To review a recap of this Special Session, click here.

2020 Legislative Session Information

2019-20 Interim Legislative Session
A Joint Legislative Committee on Coronavirus Response was formed and met four times to try to develop a legislative concept providing for short term economic relief for distressed communities. Health care, shelter, and food are the largest drivers, though many other issues have been discussed. A document that summarizes the issues the Coronavirus Response Committee has been discussing and prioritizing (as of March 24, 2020) is available here. Note they have provided a rank of Priority 1 or Priority 2 to many items – the other numbers are just for organizational purposes, not ranking.

2019 Legislative Session Information

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The National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (NAICU) is the only national organization solely focused on representing private, nonprofit higher education on public policy issues in Washington, D.C.  As one of the six major presidential higher education associations, NAICU’s institutional membership is comprised of presidents from accredited private, nonprofit colleges and universities. 

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NAICU’s Federal Student Aid Programs Report: Oregon (as of January 2021)

NAICU’s 2019-20 Federal Student Aid Programs Report: Oregon By Sector (as of January 2021)