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The Return on Investment and Economic Impact

of The Oregon Alliance of Independent Colleges & Universities

Oregon’s private, nonprofit colleges and universities have a significant economic impact on the state’s economy. According to recent data, The Alliance’s 12 member institutions have a collective annual economic impact of $3.5 billion in Oregon, highlighting the substantial return on investment of higher education. These colleges and universities support over 43,000 jobs in our communities, providing a sizable boost to the state’s workforce. Oregon’s private, nonprofit colleges support the state’s economy, communities, students, and taxpayers through job creation, increased earnings, and public sector savings.


billion in added income to the Oregon economy


jobs supported

A Significant Return on Investment

As a private, nonprofit educational organization,
The Alliance takes little from the government but provides a sizeable return on investment
to the state of Oregon, our communities, and students.

The State

The Alliance’s 12 private, nonprofit colleges and universities have a collective $3.5 billion annual impact on Oregon’s economy. In addition, The Alliance members made up about 1.3% of the state’s total gross state product (GSP) in 2020-21, larger than the entire GSP of Oregon’s utilities industry.

Our Communities

The Alliance and its member colleges and universities support over 43,000 jobs in our communities. For perspective, the activities of the member institutions and their students support one out of every 59 jobs in Oregon.


The average graduate of a college or university in The Alliance network earns $35,700 more each year than a resident with a high school diploma working in Oregon. Students enjoyed an average rate of return on their college investment of 12.5%, higher than the S&P 500 average return of 10.5%. This means that student’s investment in education at The Alliance member institutions is a safer and stronger alternative to the stock market.


For every $1 invested in The Alliance and its member colleges and universities, taxpayers get $6.90 back in added tax revenues and public sector savings. In total, taxpayers gain $929.4 million in added tax revenue and public sector savings.



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