Think Independent:

At Oregon’s independent colleges, student success is the top priority, preparing graduates to compete in today’s global economy.



Time is money. 3 out of 5 private college students finish in four years.


Student Success:

Half of Oregon’s masters and doctoral degrees are from private colleges and universities.


Do Good; Do Well:

The best preparation for success in an ever-changing world.


College is worth it.

The wage gap between college and high school graduates is significant. College graduates earn an average of 64% more each year (approx. $17,500), and are more likely to be “very satisfied” with their work.

In addition to higher income, there are other payoffs too. College graduates’ unemployment rate is significantly lower in thriving and struggling economies. They’re also more likely to enjoy better health, vote, volunteer, and be involved in their communities.

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College graduates earn

$1+ million more

than high school graduates over their careers

“I love my job. For an entry-level engineer, this is as good as it gets. I manage people and do engineering-not to mention I get to see and work on helicopters every day. At this point in life, this is my dream job.”

Daniela Makowsli, Columbia Helicopters
‘12 George Fox University Alum

Student success is our first priority.

Personal attention and high-quality learning experiences – that’s what Oregon’s private colleges and universities are all about. Alliance institutions provide substantial value with effective and efficient learning opportunities that give graduates an advantage when transitioning into the workforce.

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We are focused on excellent teaching. That means, smaller is better, with an average ratio of twelve students to every faculty member.

This means more faculty-student interaction and a more personalized learning environment for students.


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Opportunities for real world experiences: internships, service learning, study abroad programs, and undergraduate research programs

All Alliance institutions offer, and highly encourage, students to apply what they’ve learned, so graduates are more experienced upon entering the workforce.


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Finish a bachelor’s degree & enter the workforce on time.

On average, 3 in 5 Oregon private college & university students graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in four years while 3 in 5 public university students take six years to graduate, delaying their entry into the workforce.


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Save time & money with dual degree programs

Pair a liberal arts degree with a graduate degree, for example a BA/MBA, and earn two degrees in less time. These special programs are offered at several Alliance institutions.


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“The critical thinking, communication, and leadership skills I’m learning here have become instrumental in my success… My liberal arts education here sets me up perfectly for grad school and my career goals.”

– Kianna Green, Business Administration
Concordia University


55% of professional leaders have degrees in traditional liberal arts fields, according to a recent survey of 1,709 leaders from 30 countries.


14% of MacArthur “geniuses” earned their degrees from liberal arts colleges, compared to 2% of all American college graduates.

Time is money. Private colleges are competitively priced, simple math proves it.

Prospective students and their families often assume the “sticker” price is what attending a private nonprofit college or university is going to cost. Often, this is not the case.

Institutions regularly grant scholarships and aid to students. In 2016, 93% of students starting at Alliance institutions as full time received institutional grants. Further, the average institutional grant to these students was over $20,000 per year. This allowed over a quarter of students graduated with zero debt.

For students with loans, loan default rates for Alliance graduates are the lowest in the state, and half that of 4-year private nonprofit colleges nationwide.

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1 in 4

private college students

graduate with zero debt

“I received a generous financial package that made attending a private college very affordable for me and my family. Now I work with students, and I tell them to apply to several colleges so they can compare financial aid packages. Private colleges are often on par or even more affordable than state universities.”

-Maria Sandoval-Perez, College & Career Facilitator
‘11 Linfield College Alum

We are here for you! Representing Oregon's private nonprofit colleges, The Alliance is proud to jointly issue assurances to current and college-bound students. Read complete details here

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