Teresa Jurado Flores

Hometown and State: Portland, OR
School or University Name: Warner Pacific University
Major: Early childhood education

Why was this E3 matching funding meaningful to you?

The E3 matching funding was meaningful to me because I could pursue my desired degree with less stress about paying for my tuition. Thank you so much for this fantastic opportunity!

What has the E3 program taught you about saving and investing?

The E3 program taught me that saving and investing are beneficial and crucial to maintaining economic stability. I don't have to be stressed about money if I use it wisely by saving it or spending it on things that matter, like tuition.

To what extent has your participation in the E3 Matched College Savings Program influenced your decision to continue enrollment at your college?

When I knew that the E3 program was an option for me, I had to keep going to school because I had help to pay most of my tuition. This program pushed me to keep attending.

Why did you choose your college and major?

I want to become a teacher to inspire students to enjoy school and be successful.

After graduation, I plan to…

I plan to pursue a master's in education or work at an elementary school.

This is me in front of Gray Hall, one of my school’s buildings.

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