Bushnell Alumni Profile - Gabrielle Morales


English, 2019

Gabrielle Morales ’19 earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from Bushnell University, graduating as the first-ever Song Nai Rhee Honors Scholar from the Song Nai Rhee Honors Program. She was also a Horatio Alger National Scholar and a Gates Millennial Scholar. After graduation, she completed a Master of Education degree at the University of Pennsylvania with a focus on adult, family, and community literacy. While at UPenn, Gabrielle was appointed co-coordinator of the internationally recognized Ethnography in Education Research Forum—the first and only master’s student to be selected for the position in its 42 year history. She completed fieldwork in inner-city elementary schools, exclusive preparatory academies, and Bangladeshi refugee communities. She received the award for “Exemplary Master’s Thesis” at graduation. She now serves as a Corrections Education Navigator at a large, minimum-security prison in Washington state where she oversees the prison education program.